My obsession with photography was actually (re-) born out of good fortune several years after I first took a shine to it.  While young, I had gotten interested in the art only to discouraged by the cost of film and development, to say nothing of being too young to be able to afford quality gear, not having the time to devote to it, etc., etc.

Many years later after having toted a point-and-shoot around for a few years, I found the wonder that is the modern DSLR.  My obsession took hold then and there, and has only grown in the years that followed.  From travel photography to wildlife, to a fascination with the use of infrared photography to convey an otherworldly effect, I have remained hooked, and am always finding more and more depth and points of interest in the photos I create.

To me, the most intriguing part of photography – and the most challenging – is the constant striving to go beyond.  Beyond your current skill set.  Beyond the environments you already know.  Beyond the themes and subjects that you have already been exploring.  Beyond the social circle of photographers you know. Beyond the time, effort, blood, and sweat you think you’re willing to invest in your photos.

It's a drive to push the limits, the boundaries, of what is known and what is deemed possible.  While it can be hard to just reproduce something that's already been done, it's that much more of a challenge to do something else, something other, than what's already been seen.  After all, the icons didn't become such by being mundane and stale!

It's that drive that has been known to keep me awake into the middle of the night in the hope that the fog will clear and I'll get the shot I want.  Or to drive solo 1,000 miles in a single day to get to my destination so I can have an extra day of shooting time.

Obsessive behavior?  If we're being honest here, then yes.  With a side of "duh."

But that's the drive that moves me, and hopefully you like the results.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m loving your blog. Still working my way through the shots. Fantastic. I’m still trying hard to wander off and capture the stuff that everyone is thinks is mundane or they’ve simply walked by without realising its beauty or quirkiness.


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