Vatican Sculpture

Vatican Sculpture I
Vatican Sculpture I


Here’s a couple of shots of some sculptures in the museums and grounds of the Vatican.  This one to start was pilfered from Egypt.  Theft is kind of a theme with Vatican art – that or spending church money on it.  See also the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square – not native to Italy, that’s for sure!


But still, the kitty is cute.


Vatican Sculpture II
Vatican Sculpture II


Now on to Grecian and Greek-inspired art.

Vatican Sculpture III

And here’s Hermes, a.k.a. Mercury for the Romans.


Vatican Sculpture IV


This one’s an odd piece of a piece, but I liked it.  Next, some items from the pre-Roman, Etruscan era.


Vatican Sculpture V
Vatican Sculpture V


This is a casket, but I particularly like the dog at the base of it.  For being so-called primitive artists, it’s amazing how lifelike this is!


Vatican Sculpture VI
Vatican Sculpture VI


And this is the side of a piece of pottery.  Not too fancy, but I liked the lion.

Next time, paintings from the Vatican, a.k.a. the more famous stuff.  Plus an explainer on why photos are a mega-size no-no in the Sistine Chapel.

Happy shooting!


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