Something Old, Ahead of Something New

Happy Couple
Happy Couple


The “something old” I’m referring to is stereotypes.  Because really, Italy + romance = cliche, no?  When I was wandering the basilica gardens at the top of Aventine Hill, this couple really stood out in the early morning gloom with St. Peter’s in the background.


I thought about it before bothering with the shot, since it does have a “been there done that” quality to it.  But then again, so do postcard shots, and that’s no reason to stop doing those, so I figured, what the hell, go for it – and play around and see what I can get.


Happily, the couple in question was utterly oblivious.  As well they should have been.


So here’s an alternate version …


Happy Couple, Vertical Shot
Happy Couple, Vertical Shot


And a wider shot, but in infrared …


Happy Couple, Infrared
Happy Couple, Infrared


The top shot is definitely the more stereotypical, but I really like the 3rd one as well.


Now onto something new … starting next week, I’m going to commence a new project: photographing day to day activities and trying to make them look interesting.  I expect I’ll be doing more post-production and more shots on my phone, but I’m curious to see what I can come up with.  That, and no travel plans for a few months, boo! But the next trip DID just get paid for, so time to plan, plan, plan for that one …


Happy shooting!


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