Caribbean Stormclouds
Caribbean Stormclouds


Anniversary time!  This is actually the 100th post on this blog, not that I was even sure we’d get to that point.  And in keeping with that, the above is one of the 1st shots I posted here, from a trip that was (gasp!) nearing 10 years ago.


At the time, I knew next to jack squat about photography, aside from that I was getting into it seriously.  Mostly, I got lucky with this – I think I was even shooting on full auto!  But over time I’ve been able to go back and refine in Photoshop, and I’m pretty happy with the result.  It definitely captures the spirit of the moment, between storms on a beach in the Caribbean, with some boats anchored in the bay.


A good beginning, that’s over time become a recurrent source of leaning and inspiration, not unlike this blog itself!  The drive to post here weekly has been a big motivator for me in forcing me to get out and shoot, or play with what I’ve got.  And to plan in advance if I’m travelling, to see what I can get to that’s interesting!


Here’s another oldie for fun …




Happy shooting!


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One thought on “Anniversary

  1. Congrats on writing 100 posts. Quite an achievement. Shows commitment and dedication.
    I really loved your last picture! Gorgeous colors!


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