Pelican Case
Pelican Case

I just got back from an extended trip in Europe (hence the lack of blog posts for a while), and I’ve got a serious recommendation regarding camera luggage.


Here’s  the problem I was trying to solve: I do not trust airline bag handlers not to break tons of expensive gear, nor do I trust that it’ll be “safe” in an overhead bin.


The solution, pictured above, is a Pelican case.  They have a model that’s sized for carry-on standards, and is damn near indestructible.  Put it this way – the review that convinced me was from the Army grunt that used it for camera gear in Iraq, and it not only didn’t get gear damaged, but kept the dust out while in the desert!


On top of that, it’s fairly good-sized, too.  I was able to fit 5 camera bodies, attached lenses, 4 portable charger, flashgun and diffuser, filters, rings, remotes, cleaning gear, maps, and an electrical converter plus some extra besides, and still be under the weight limit.


Did I mention it pressure seals and is watertight, too?  You’d better believe I’ll be using this again when I eventually get to Africa on safari.


Bottom line: if you’re on an extended trip, especially in nasty weather or on a plane, this is the ticket.  Lots of space, and peace of mind about your gear.  It’s a damn good product.


Happy Shooting!

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