Festivals, Part II

Entry Sign at EatDrinkSF
Entry Sign at EatDrinkSF


As promised, more today on festivals.  This time it was EatDrinkSF (which you already figured out), a celebration of all sorts of delicious vittles and beverages.  For example,




That’s a brick of chilled foie gras being shaved into a guy’s mouth.  For real.  And yeah, I was next (it was glorious, thank you).


There were tons of cool vendors set ups around the building … here are 2 particularly photogenic ones (the second one is some sort of divine confectionary).


Beats Mr Coffee!
Beats Mr Coffee!


For Your Sweet Tooth
For Your Sweet Tooth


Finally, there was a demo on how to break down a 80 lb. wheel of Parmesano Reggiano … which unlike most people think, doesn’t involve a chainsaw, 10 guys, etc. etc.  Just 1 clever fellow with a pair of small knives, skill, and patience.


Parmmesano Reggiano
Parmmesano Reggiano


Great fun, and I’ll totally be back next year!


Happy Shooting!

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