Festivals, Part I

The crowd
The crowd


I’ve recently found myself at a couple of festivals (this one being the Downieville Mountain Brewfest), and have tried to get a variety of shots.


This of course is the overall crowd.  I like these shots as busy as possible.


Logo & Signage
Logo & Signage


Logos and signage are great too!  Vendors are there to strut their stuff, so why not take advantage of the hard work their marketing and art staff do?


Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes


Ditto behind-the-scenes … I love seeing the logistics, and how people make events like this function.  I’m always amazed when they go off without a hitch (or at least when the issues are well-hidden).


And the Band Plays On
And the Band Plays On

But above all you’ve got to have fun! That’s the whole point.


Next time … similar thoughts, from San Francisco.



Happy Shooting!

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