I’ve been working lately with more shots of different perspectives, and this is some of what I came up with during a recent trip to a local Japanese garden.

Two of the bigger thigns I seem to be getting good results with are shooting from low to the ground (crouching or laying flat), and getting seemingly-converging parallel lines, a.k.a. vanishing points if you’ve ever heard the term in an art class.

Wisteria Arbor
Wisteria Arbor

Patterns like this draw my eye around an image nicely, as do more subtle versions like this, which reminds me of waves on the shore.


It doesn’t necessarily need to be a close-up or a distance shot – both can work.  Here’s two versions of the same subject, but shot totally differently.  It’s the same thing, and both images work well I think, but the different perspectives give a dramatically different story for each one.

Question Mark
Question Mark
Lighted Pathway
Lighted Pathway

This is definitely something I’m going to have to keep playing with.

Happy Shooting!

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