The Monarchs


These are some (very) old photos, from back when I first got into photography seriously.  So long ago, I didn’t even know how to use a polarizing filter, let alone Photoshop, and strictly abided by the theory of “spray and pray.”  And shot in JPEG, for heaven’s sake!

And accordingly, much of what I got was crap.  The larger trouble i had was when the sunlight was scattered, as here

Big Crowd, v1
Big Crowd, v1

However, after much work in PS today, I managed to get a pair of them to come out OK.  I had to tweak curves a lot, plus do some smart sharpening and saturation adjustments.  Frankly I still think the pic at the top of the post is the only really good one I got, which means about a 0.03% success rate that day.

Thank heavens things are a bit easier after getting some experience!

Big Crowd, v2
Big Crowd, v2
Big Crowd, v3
Big Crowd, v3

Happy Shooting!

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