Fog and White Balance

Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz, CA

Last weekend I was down at the beach, and there was fog in the morning.  It was actually a pretty cool looking scene, but I had a devil of a time getting the exposure to come out exactly how my eye saw it.

It was either too flat, too oversaturated, or I either could see too much through the fog or not enough.  Eventually I semi-gave up, and shot with a bunch of different white balance settings under the theory that I would fiddle in Photoshop later and see which one came out best.

I ended up liking the “cloudy” setting best.  I still had to make a few tweaks to exposure, selective color, and so on (as per usual) but I got the result above that I like a lot.  Note that I was shooting into the sun in this case; if shooting at 90 degrees or opposite the sun, I think maybe the “shady” WB setting might work well … something for me to try in the future.

But this time it worked, and you can bet next time I’m shooting backlit fog I’ll remember it.

Happy shooting!

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