Indoor Flowers


Picking up a thread from 2 weeks ago, when I talked about wildflowers, this time I’m on to indoor flowers and plants.

My biggest item – which I suspect is everyone else’s as well – with indoor plant photography is light.  Hopefully you’ll shoot where someone has had the foresight to set up good photographic lighting, but that’s been rare for me.

So that leaves you with your own.  Ideally, I’d say go for a flashgun.  Your camera’s onboard flash may work (or not) – but really, I figure “overkill” is better than “not enough kill.”  Note, this is not in any way a condoning of plant murder.  Be nice, people!

You can also get cool compositions indoors that can be tough or impossible in nature.

Oh, my
Oh, my

And if plants look a little pornographic … well, that’s because (sotto voice) they’re having plant sex!  Right there in the open!

How dare they, those immoral exhibitionists!  As of being in an actual exhibition entitles them or something!  And won’t someone please,  think of the children!

White Orchid
White Orchid

Getting exposure right can be tricky, but being indoors usually means I have time to play around, and I do (I have a higher burn rate indoor for sure, because I know I have the luxury of time and experimentation).

I’m also fond of abstraction in this arena.  It can be weird, but it’s a fun way to do something other than just standard flower shots.

Abstract in Yellow
Abstract in Yellow

Happy shooting!

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