So the other week I went to see Mission Dolores in San Francisco.  It’s a gorgeous old Spanish mission, with a more modern basilica attached to it (plus a cemetery dating to the mid-1800s).

However, given that the Basilica is still in use, a bit of discretion was required.  Meaning, no tromping about with a tripod, or firing off a flashgun, never you mind how handy those would have been in the extremely low light.


As such, shots like this one aren’t quite what I’d have liked, but they’ll have to do.  Instead, I chose to focus on the stained glass and smaller features.

Stained Glass
Stained Glass

And the artwork …


But hey!  At least the exterior establishing shot came out solid.

Mission Dolores

And better that than irritating a bunch of folks in church.  Generally not a good idea …

Happy shooting!

See more of my work at http://www.patricklcahalan.co.nf  and http://www.flickr.com/photos/patricklcahalan



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