What’s Left

Old Chair
Old Chair

Today I’m going to do a little more exploration of the past in Infrared.

Starting with the image above, consider what is left after people leave things behind.  It can be for mundane reasons (moving and don’t want to schlep the stuff), or more dramatic ones (think Pompeii!).

In this case a simple chair, but when composed like this with the broken mattress next to it, in this type of image, I think it has a voice and speaks.


More things left behind and discarded.  Rubbish strewn about.  The snow on the ground I think adds here , by giving you a sense that this has been here for a while.

Last Call
Last Call

This one’s a bit more Pompeii, or for the younger crowd, “Zombie Apocalypse.”  As though everyone left in a real hurry and didn’t even finish their drinks.  Although I would think that if the Apocalypse DID come, there would be more than a few people who would finish the drink, and probably take a bottle or two for the road.

Last Soul
Last Soul

No, that caption is not a typo – find the human here!

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I think IR, treated properly, can be a great way to open a window into the past.  Memories, past objects, and days or yore.

Coming soon … but not sure when because I have to learn to use a new tool: images that can be refocused after shooting, even while in-camera.  And yes you read that right.  See Lytro.com for more.  Methinks I will be having much fun using this new toy for art!

Happy shooting!

See more of my work at http://www.patricklcahalan.co.nf  and http://www.flickr.com/photos/patricklcahalan



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