photography, as it can lend a dreamy, misty feel to an image.

So first, the “before” shot:

Champagne Cocktail
Champagne Cocktail

Now we get to work and turn this (fairly) sharp image of a champagne cocktail into something a bit more diffused, using the following method.  Note that a lot of the “soft effect” is really driven by the opacity levels – without that,  this doesn’t work nearly as well.

  • Duplicate layer (Ctrl+J)
  • Under filter, use the unsharp mask, set to 150%, 1.5 px radius, and threshold of 10.
  • Apply Gaussian blur, radius 10 px.
  • Set layer mode to Lighten, opacity to 20%
  • Duplicate layer again
  • Apply Gaussian blur with radius of 30 px.
  • Set layer mode to screen, opacity to 75%
  • Under Image –> Adjustments, pick selective color, set to Absolute / Whites to 25% black / Neutrals to 40% black / Blacks to 10% black
  • Adjust curves (Ctrl+M to open the curves panel)
  • Set layer opacity to 70%
  • Flatten image and save.

And voila:

Finished Product
Finished Product

Happy shooting!


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