High Contrast Monochrome

The Makings of a Martini
The Makings of a Martini

This time I’m going to go a bit more in-depth on the type of Photoshop action I used last time, setting up high contrast, but this time around I’m going to apply it to a monochrome treatment.

In particular, this process seems to generate a cool effect when I’m trying to get a vintage, 1920s-30s feel for B&W shots.

And what’s more 20’s than a well made Martini?

In this case, the contrast brings out the bottle labels, and combined with the flash  I used, a “halo” effect on the stirring tin.

Side note, may I add that Mr. Bond may know a good deal about thwarting bad guys and seducing women, but he really knew jack squat about making a good drink.

Stirred, not Shaken!

Here’s 2 more to make the point about labels.

All the Ingredients

To get this effect, here’s what I did.

  1. Copy background into a new layer (Ctrl+J)
  2. Change blend mode to Vivid Light
  3. Invert the image (Ctrl+I)
  4. Use Filter-Blur-Surface Blur, set to 40, 40
  5. Merge layers (Crtl+Alt+Shift+E)
  6. Drag middle layer to trash
  7. On merged Layer, switch blend mode to Overlay
  8. Use Image->Adjustments->Shadow/Highlight. Shadows to 0, midtone contrast to +50
  9. Pick a B&W adjustment of your choice (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B)
  10. Flatten layers
  11. Use filter->Lens Correction, Vignette to -50 and midpoint to +60
  12. Convert to B&W now, picking your choice of adjustment.
  13. Further tweaks as desired.

Phew!  Well, that’s why I made an action to shorten all that work into a single click.

Finished Product
Finished Product

But in the end, as I said, I really like how this approach works for “old timey classy” shooting like this.

Next time, I’m planning to use another type of photoshop  action.

Classy Garnish
Classy Garnish

Happy shooting!


See more of my work at http://www.patricklcahalan.co.nf  and http://www.flickr.com/photos/patricklcahalan



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