Soap Bubbles

Red Soap Bubble
Red Soap Bubble

More fun technical stuff – but this time, instead of droplets, I’m going to do soap bubbles.

The basic setup is similar to my last post on droplets – a clear container, water, food coloring, a tripod, ample lighting (possibly a flashgun) and a close-in lens.

The difference is that in this case I added some dish soap to the water, and blew bubbles into it through a straw.  The results are pretty cool, and WAY easier than getting the timing right on droplets!

You can get interesting honeycomb looking stuff like above, or what I like even better, almost spiderweb-looking shots, like this one.

Blue Soap Bubble
Blue Soap Bubble

I played around with a few different types of light, including direct, indirect, incandescent, natural, and with reflectors.  The best seemed to be direct light, preferably from below, and fairly strong to cut through the darker shades of food coloring.  From there you can add additional light from above with a flash if needed.

Play around, and have fun with it!  Next time I do this I’m going to use oils and see if I can get prismatic color effects … but I haven’t decided yet if I have the guts to use motor oil!

Red Soap Bubble #2
Red Soap Bubble #2

Happy shooting!

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