I seem to be sticking with a city-based theme the past few weeks, so here’s another one: Portland, OR.

First off, contrary to rumor, the sun does sometimes shine there!  In fact the few days I was there it felt more like LA (70s and sunny thank you very much).

It’s a fun town (and has loads of good food), but …


Yeah, it can be a little screwy.  Like the guy riding a bicycle in commute traffic while playing bagpipes (no joke!).  Sadly, I was too busy driving and picking my jaw up off the floor to take a photo of him.  Or as another example, this fine establishment:

Fine Dining?

Though I doubt the food is cooked over a fire in a 50 gallon trash can (though you can never be 100% sure).

Being a river town, there are lots of cool bridges as well.

Steel Bridge
Nerve Center
Burnside Bridge
Burnside Bridge

As well as some cool public art


And fun old architecture

An Ornate Sconce
An Ornate Sconce

But the real surprise was the Chinese Classical Garden.  More on that next time, but here’s a teaser:

Moon Platform
Moon Platform

PS public transit is timely and clean there!  SF and NYC could learn a thing or two (popular comment heard on Muni and BART: “what’s that smell?”).

PPS Merry Christmas

Happy shooting!

See more of my work at http://www.patricklcahalan.co.nf  and http://www.flickr.com/photos/patricklcahalan



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