The End of the World, or, What Lies Beyond

Today’s is a theme post, the idea being, how to take a handful of seemingly unconnected photos (either in immediate subject or in the times they were taken) and weave a gestalt out of them.  The theme in question is the use of rocky seashores to convey a sense of finality, of mortality, and of looking into the beyond.


This was taken in Land’s End in San Francisco, near the Sutro Baths.  To me it is poignant, serving up the element of emotion, raw, in your face.

Worlds Ending web
World’s Ending

This on the other hand, is much more foreboding, more impersonal.  Instead of eliciting a sense of sympathetic understanding and common humanity, it is designed to be austere (hence the monochrome IR), provoking a sense of loss, and of being somewhere far beyond the norm.  Incidentally it was taken on the roadside of Highway 1 an hour or so south of Big Sur.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

And this is a final note – a more optimistic one, at that.  Bright sunlight, reflecting off the waves, with a signpost of hope and clarity amid darkness in the lighthouse.  To me it is a sign of better times and places ahead.

And so with that, a few scant images of rocky seashores and a couple hundred words, there you have it: what is beyond, what is next, hope and fear.

It makes me rather curious what Mr. Shakespeare could have done had he a camera instead of a pen.  Ah, well, I suppose we’re all fortunate enough that his inkwell didn’t run dry..

Happy shooting!

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