The Grass is Greener

Garlic Braid
Garlic Braid

I will admit, I am a born and raised city boy.  There was a little bit of ag culture left in the area when I was young but it’s long gone now.  And if you think I’m kidding, bear in mind I live in Silicon Valley.  Good luck finding an orchard anywhere around here nowadays!

But in spite of that, and probably due to my upbringing, I do love to get out the city.  That comes in a lot of forms (camping, hiking, backpacking, road trips etc.) but sometimes I just love to get out and go into the country.

Rustic stuff is what it boils down to, to avail myself of a grossly overused word.  Put more specifically, the parts of the world where “dirt” isn’t a 4-letter word.  Places that looks well-used and worn in, and that are more concerned with functionality than clean and perfect aesthetics.

Or to beat a dead horse, consider the aesthetic of the original 3 Star Wars movies vs. the CG-dominated prequels.  One looks “real,” and  the other looks like a graphic designer was given free reign and a bunch of very fun illegal drugs.

That lack of sterility, that sense of “real”ness, appeals to me.  But I suspect it is exactly because I live in a city.  If I lived in, say, Fairbanks or Kalispell, I can imagine I’d be damn nostalgic for SV or San Francisco, and longing to take a shot of a city skyline.

Twin Peaks, San Francisco
Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Hence the name of this post about that darn grass.  The real trick is, and heaven knows it’s as hard in photography as it is in life: push yourself to see what’s best in what’s around you.  And if you have a hard time, go look at the thing you think you want, and then compare it against what’s at home.

Just don’t go to bed with it if it’s human unless you have a divorce lawyer and a pre-nup handy.

Happy shooting!

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