Technique vs. Talent

Neptune Pool at Sunset, Hearst Castle
Neptune Pool at Sunset, Hearst Castle

The photo above is a fairly old one of mine.  This was maybe a year after I got into photography in any serious type of way.

I was at the point that I was shooting in RAW already, and post-processing a little, but I was far from good in composition or exposure, and frankly, my “take” rate of good photos vs. bad ones was lousy.  I maybe got 1-2 good ones per 50-100 of shooting.  And as I’ve gotten better my high opinion of what I once thought was good has lessened, as well.

However …

There is still stuff, like this, that even if not technically perfect, seems to hold up.

The framing is not perfect, I would have moved to the left and used a slightly longer lens length if I could do it again.  Nor is the contrast and lighting too hot (I would now have done multiple bracketed shots), nor is the processing (I would certainly use layers now in Photoshop).

But even if your old stuff isn’t perfect, it can actually serve a lot of good to go look at it long after it was shot.  You can see how far you’ve come, and more objectively analyze what was good or not, and how you can do better in the future.  That elapsed time since the shot is a great buffer for me, and allows me to be more honest with myself about my work, so I can still learn and grow, no matter how far I’ve come.

Happy shooting!

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