IR and Wildlife

On my last shooting trip I had a chance to do something I’d never done before – to shoot wildlife in infrared.

If you’ve read many posts on this blog you’re already well aware that I am an IR junky.  But wildlife is tricky in IR for a few reasons. The biggest obstacle to it is that you have to have an IR-converted camera.  There’s just no way – short being dead – that wild critters will hold still long enough for an extended tripod shot, let alone the time to set up that shot.  Then on top of that, getting exposure right can be dodgy, as I’ve found that my light meter is only about 80% accurate for IR exposure, so I usually have to tinker and watch the histogram on the LCD display.

But this time I happened to have the IR camera handy, and my subject was just sitting there as docile as could be.

Deer in Genoa NV
Deer in Genoa NV

He was apparently enjoying a rest in the shade at the local cemetery in Genoa, NV.  It took a couple shots to get this right, but I ended up with something decent.  Wildlife is not something I’m 100% confident at yet, but I think I’m improving.

For comparison, here’s a color image I did as well.

A Shady Rest
A Shady Rest

Happy shooting!

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