Same Place, Different Time

Sierra Buttes in BW IR
Sierra Buttes in BW IR

The same place, seen in different lights (yeah, call the pun police already), at different times or seasons, or just interpreted differently can give you a vastly different result photographically.

Take the scene above.  I’ve been going to the same area every year for a long time.  As in, since I was in diapers.  This particular time, I decided to go monochrome IR because I felt I’d gotten a lot done in color before but never explored this aspect of things.  That, and the IR simulates what it might look like if the trees were covered in snow (it was August, hence only a little snow on the mountains).

All together, it gave me a very different take than the standard color shot, seen here.

Sierra Buttes in Color
Sierra Buttes in Color

Which is lovely, don’t get me wrong!  Though the sky could’ve been a bit more compelling that day (and less hazy, but there’s not much you can do when there’s wildfires upwind in the next county).

It’s a great little roadside pullout with a panoramic view.

But my current favorite is the one that came from lugging my butt out there at 1 in the morning!

The Buttes at Night
The Buttes at Night

So don’t think that you’ve ever exhausted a subject matter!  You can change your time, season, scale, color scheme, foreground, and on and on and on!  Add people, objects, and more!  You can get very different results – it’s all in the planning and visualizing what you want to achieve.

Happy shooting!

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