An Image a Day

So one of my problems (just one) is having follow-through when it comes to image post-processing.  I’m 1000% better at planning and executing a shoot, but once I get home and move everything onto my computer, my resolve begins to weaken.

Because sometimes I’m not happy with the initial shots.  Or I don’t get what I want from my normal workflow right away.  Or I can’t get the colors right the way I like.  Or the contrast is too much or too little.  Or the image wasn’t sharp enough and sharpening makes it even worse.  Or, or, or, or, or!

A million and one excuses is what my brain has to offer.  And then something shiny comes along to distract my inner magpie.  Typically something on that infernal time and effort waster, Mr. Internet.  Seriously though, Marx hadn’t seen anything yet.


A resolution of sorts on my part is in order.  And, in part, a challenge to my temptation to laziness.  Namely: process 1 image per day for 1 calendar month, updates weekly via this blog.  Maybe new stuff, maybe old stuff re-done, maybe old stuff previously discarded; doesn’t matter.

Enjoy the show 🙂


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